Motorists advised to be more cautious

After four road deaths so far this month, the General Insurance Association of Barbados is urging motorists to be more cautious.

This month brought the total number of fatalities for the year to 23, compared to the 2011 total of 22, and the GIAB reiterated the need for drivers to drive more cautiously and at slower speeds in order to maintain better control of the vehicles.

“We can never stop talking about these things,” Vice President of the GIAB, Anton Lovell told Barbados TODAY.

“This level of carnage on our roads can easily be avoided if drivers practise defensive driving and be more considerate. The insurance body is therefore urging the driving public to be careful and not careless.

“October in particular was a horrific month… The GIAB also repeats its call for the introduction of breathalyser testing and for banning the use of cell phones whilst driving, particularly drivers who text. It is clear that these accidents are occurring due to excessive speed and the inattentiveness of drivers.” (KC)

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