A truly fun day

Last Saturday, the sun shone brightly creating a sun kissed atmosphere befitting the growing excitement as children, parents, friends and members of the Girl Guides Association of Barbados filled the grounds of the Pax Hill, Belmont Road, St. Michael headquarters.

With limited parking space, patrons utilised the surrounding parking spaces around the Belmont Road area, so that they could participate in the annual fund-raising event.

As promised the afternoon was filled with unforgettable moments and activities and the children could be heard shrieking with joy in the jumping tents and in the Wii game area where they drove, boxed, exercised, played tennis and danced. The Wii game room was a new addition to the fair this year.

The haunted house as usual delivered it scariest production causing streams of tears and screams of delight as the young and the old faithfully lined up to get their turn to be haunted.

Across the grounds the aroma of the food tent with its barbeque grill quickly turning out burgers and chicken beckoned all to taste other food delights including pudding and souse, one of the most sought after dishes on the menu. Of course the children’s hotdogs and fish cakes were all present.

This year the annual fair featured a fashion show produced by guiders highlighting the modeling talent of guides and brownies who selected and presented casual and formal wear to the delight of the encouraging fair audience. Once the fashion stage was cleared the little ones took the opportunity to party to the pulsating music of the DJ and at times creating their own stage presentation to popular sounds.

Local sweets including sugar cakes, golden apple preserves and packaged sweet deals, along with popcorn, ice-cream and kool-ade were available. The lucky dip and the face painting booths also were major attraction points for the children. Patrons also took the opportunity to add to their collection of books and magazines, took in bargains at the clothing and household stalls and collected their cakes and pastries for the weekend.

Chairman, Jennah Parris and members of the Fair Committee expressed their sincerest thanks to all patrons, members, family and friends who supported the 2012 fair.

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