Take a bath!

Prime Minister Stuart (left) with St. Michael North West MP, Chris Sinckler; St. George South MP Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo and St. John MP Mara Thompson.

Instead of putting on new clothes and repackaging itself to win votes in upcoming general elections, the Barbados Labour Party needs “a bath”.

Declaring that “the war is on”, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler said his party’s main political opponents “need to be washed off and cleansed before they come crawling back into your neighbourhoods seeking to ask you for a vote”.

The Democratic Labour Party spokesman said the former administration felt it was “so great”, but “all that they did with the economy was done for the benefit of the people at the top, while those at the bottom did not matter”. “And I am saying to you tonight … with all honesty, with all sincerity that the Barbados Labour Party being recast, and reset and given new clothes, it doesn’t need new clothes, … the Barbados Labour Party needs a bath,” he told cheering supporters.

“They need to be bathed, they need to be washed off and cleansed before they come back crawling back into your neighbourhoods seeking to ask you for a vote, when all they could do is to disenfranchise people in this country, to sell off Barbados to the highest bidder, to invite all flotsam and jetsam to take up your spots in Barbados, not understanding that Barbados is for Barbadians first and then any number can play after that.

“I say tonight that the war is on,” he added. Sinckler was speaking last night at a DLP branch meeting at the St. George Secondary School. He said the Barbadian electorate would have to make some “crucial” decisions whenever Prime Minister Freundel Stuart calls the election.

“It is not when the bell is rung that you should be getting to make up your mind, your mind should be made up from now,” the minister stated.

“The upcoming election is not only going to be about what happened in the last four years, it is not going to be about the personalities…, this upcoming election … is about you, is about the country that you live in, is about your children and your grand children.” (SC)

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