Silent commuters a concern

One evening recently, as I was travelling on a minibus going from Bridgetown to Speightstown, I was subjected to the worst customer service possible.

The minibus in question left town rather decently, I was pleased. Going down the road I realised that they meant to stuff commuters in the vehicle disregarding the amount they could legally carry.

Next dilemma was when it got to Black Rock where the conductor stopped at a shop and came back with three Guinnesses. The vehicle then became what I term, a moving disco. The music was turned up so loudly it was confusing.

It flew along at top speed and missed every indicated stop, with the people tumbling about in it. When I reached Prospect, just beyond Crusher Site Road, an elderly lady asked me to press the bell. I proceeded to do this, after I realised that the vehicle didn’t slow down. I even knocked on the side of the van.

The amount of verbal abuse hurled at me as a result was shocking. I stated my case, mind you. The vehicle stopped way beyond the bus stop.

In the conversation that ensued I told them of all the laws they had breached — driving under the influence of alcohol, having more than the insured limit of commuters allowed, the playing of music, and obviously driving over the speed limit.

The vehicle stopped beside Jordan’s Supermarket in Fitt’s Village, and I was told to get off, given my bus fare back and told to buy a *&$%#@#$ car. It was my designated stop, but my concern is that none of the other commuters who were subject to the same conditions said a word.

— Judith Bryan

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