Sarwan quits WIPA board

Ramnaresh Sarwan

KINGSTON – Discontent seems to be brewing in the West Indies Players Association.

West Indies batsman Ramnaresh Sarwan and attorney Dave Kissoon have resigned from the WIPA board.

Though WIPA’s chief executive officer Michael Hall did not state why the two had abandoned WIPA, he nevertheless thanked both men for the time they served on the WIPA executive.

“Both Ramnaresh and Dave have in their own ways contributed to WIPA’s progress. We certainly wish Ramnaresh all the very best in his future cricket career as we are certain that he still has a great deal to contribute to West Indies cricket,” Hall said.

“We are also grateful for Dave’s service to WIPA in his two years as a director, and hope that his future career is also highly successful.”

Hall’s statement said the positions made vacant by both men would be filled at the next annual general meeting slated for January 2013.


Sarwan, whose resignation took effect on October 23, last represented the West Indies in Test cricket in June 2011 against India. Since then, he has represented Leicestershire in the English County Cricket and had indicated his disinterest in ever representing the West Indies.

Last month he won damages against the West Indies Cricket Board over comments that were made about his fitness. An arbiter awarded the 32-year-old Guyanese right hander US$161,000 in damages.

Sarwan has subsequently made an about-turn with respect to wanting to represent the West Indies. Just days ago he contacted WICB president Julian Hunte about the possibility of once again representing the West Indies. He has since also reportedly had conversations with chairman of selectors, Clyde Butts.

Some sources have suggested that Sarwan’s resignation from the WIPA executive may be his way of demonstrating to the board that he was once again ready to don West Indies’ colours.

Kissoon was the lead attorney in the recent court matter concerning player contracts and a disputed memorandum of understanding

involving WIPA and the WICB. In addition to his resignation, he has also withdrawn his services from the players’ association. He became a director of WIPA in 2010.

As a member of WIPA’s executive team, Kissoon’s responsibilities included the development and implementation of policy concerning the welfare of West Indian cricketers and ensuring the shared governance of cricket.

His other responsibilities included leading ongoing negotiations between WIPA and the WICB concerning the collective bargaining rights

of cricketers, acting as lead attorney and advocate for WIPA in various complex litigations in Guyana, Trinidad and throughout the Caribbean concerning players’ rights.

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