Sandy grounds CAL flights

PORT OF SPAIN — Yesterday hundreds of Caribbean Airlines Ltd passengers had their flights in and out of JFK‚International Airport, New York, cancelled as Hurricane Sandy threatened to wreak havoc along the eastern seaboard of the United States. Sandy, which has killed at least 66 people across the Caribbean forced CAL to cancel 12 flights, mostly to and from JFK.

Flights BW011 and BW017 were cancelled. Ten of today’s flights have also been cancelled: BW520/521, 016, 524, 525, 424, 015, 014, 011 and 017. CAL‚said the cancellations were prompted by weather conditions.

Yesterday, Clint Williams, head of corporate communications at CAL, said most other flights to Jamaica and Guyana were unaffected. He said the airline would inform passengers of changes to flight schedules through its Web site. Williams said as soon as JFK‚airport reopens, CAL‚will put on extra flights to make up for those passengers who have been displaced. (Guardian)

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