No war, says Sinckler

Friends ’til the end: Chris Sinckler and Dr. David Estwick embrace.

Absolute “rubbish”! That’s how Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler dismissed talk that he and Minister of Agriculture Dr. David Estwick were “at war”.

And the St. Michael North West MP, who is expected to play a central role in the ruling Democratic Labour Party’s re-election campaign, also said there was no issue between himself and Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, calling his leader “resolute, steady, decent, honest, and dependable”.

The senior government official sought to set the record straight last evening at St. George Secondary School, where the DLP held a joint meeting of its St. George North, South and St. Michael North East branches. In recent weeks a letter Estwick sent to the management of the Barbados Water Authority, instructing it not to attend meetings with Sinckler has been circulating, and last weekend there were claims that Sinckler had not signed a letter related to the financing of the BWA’s new headquarters in the Pine, St. Michael.

Sinckler said he had heard the talk of a falling out between him and his Cabinet colleague, but told party supporters: “The only war I had with Estwick was when we were devouring two pork chops … the other night. [Do] you know that propaganda has gone so far that I went at Estwick’s office to have a meeting with him (two Fridays ago) and even people in his ministry were shocked when I walked in there and said ‘I come to see David Estwick’.

“I see everybody looking at me, people gathering in the yard, they mussee say ‘Sinckler come now to shoot Estwick’. “They are trying to spread that rubbish and I went up there, we had a meeting and we finished our meeting, Dr. Estwick walked me back out of the ministry, I didn’t shoot him, he didn’t cuff me, I spoke to some workers in the yard, I got in my car and I went on my way,” he recounted.

The minister also said there was no problem between him and the Prime Minister, whom he praised. “Unlike what you have been seeing and hearing in recent weeks Freundel Stuart and myself we don’t have to pretend … that we like each other, we have been in the trenches of the Democratic Labour Party working on behalf of ordinary citizens for more than two decades,” Sinckler stated.

“I don’t have to put on any pretense like the people in the Barbados Labour Party to give the impression that Freundel Stuart and myself are in love. We are in love with the people of Barbados and work everyday to support them.”

“Regardless of whatever you may say at the end of the day that is what matters, and therefore when I wake up on mornings and I go to work I can say I am going to work for a boss of whom I am not ashamed, and who I know is not ashamed of me.

“So you don’t have to worry about the Prime Minister having to call a Press conference to talk about my demons or anything regarding me in that kind of negative light,” Sinckler added. (SC)

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