DLP doesn’t own Barbados

DeLisle and Santia Bradshaw.

The Bees are not about to accept the Democratic Labour Party treating Barbados as DLP country.

Opposition Leader Owen Arthur told his party yesterday: “And as we reflect on the horror story which has unfolded in Barbados, we should draw from it certain object lessons to take with us into the future as we look once again to constitute the Government of this nation.

“The first is that the Dems in office have behaved as if they own Barbados. However, as we look to retain office, we must pledge that we will never act as if Barbados belongs to the Barbados Labour Party for us to do with it, its resources and its institutions that which is pleasing only to ourselves and our supporters.

“We must seek to build a truly inclusive society, resting on the strongest foundations of social justice – a society for all.

“If and when we get an opportunity to serve, we must give of our very best; to pursue only the nation’s and the people’s business.”

He added: “For what has happened in Barbados over the past four years has been a disaster brought about the politics of the fatted calf. It has been a failure of the practice of party paramountcy that has taken the form of the use of the financial resources of the state to pay for the party’s political programmes like Constituency Councils.

“It has taken the form of the disgraceful use of state owned institutions, like the CBC, as agencies of the party. Such things must have no place in the public affairs of modern Barbados.” (RRM)

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