BRC wins

The BRC Sports Club has won its case against Boscobelle Sports & Social Club.

On October 22, BRC Sports Club lodged a protest against Boscobelle Sports & Social Club alleging that Boscobelle was in violation of Regulation 14, which states that “Any club or school which plays a player who has not been registered shall forfeit any games in which that player participated whilst he was not registered or whilst he was ineligible. In such case the opposing team shall be awarded full point”.

A release today from the Barbados Cricket Association stated that the allegation was investigated and Boscobelle was found to be guilty of the offence and therefore BRC would be awarded full points for the game.

Therefore the points in the Intermediate Zone D after Series 8 are as follows: LIME 47, BFS 44, BRC 42, Nicholls Baking Combermere 32, Sheffield 28, Malvern 20, Foundation 20, Boscobel 17, Conrad Hunte 7, Harrison College 5.

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