Battle royale

Kishmar Husbands (right) takes a solid right from Akeem Isadore.

The best fight of the night was produced by two teenagers packing a combined weight of perhaps 79 kilograms.

But make no mistake about it, come the 2014 world junior boxing championships, I’Precious Lythcott, and Mary Fraser in particular, are two with the potential to make that event.

Fraser is a special talent and demonstrated her ability in a stirring battle against Lythcott in the Amateur Boxing Association of Barbados’ boxing card at the Netball Stadium on Saturday night.

The two asked no quarter and went toe-to-toe for three rounds before Fraser’s better technical skills shone through. The 13-year-old showed excellent lateral movement and a beautiful left jab that was frequently followed by a pinpoint accurate right cross. But it was that jab that kept the taller, slightly sturdier Lythcott at bay every time she came in to attack.

A proliferation of heavy jabs in the third of the 90-second rounds led to two standing eight-counts on Lythcott and that was the bout, done and dusted. Lythcott, of the Belfield Gym, was beaten but not disgraced.

Fraser told Barbados TODAY afterwards that she has been practising her sport from age eight and trains about twice a week at the National Gym. The stamina that she showed over the action-packed three rounds was not only as a result of youthful exuberance, but also the fact that she is a distance runner for St. George Secondary, competing in the 400, 800, 1 500 and 3 000 metres.

If she sticks with boxing, the name of this pin-weight pugilist is one to pencil down on a notepad for future reference.

In another match-up, pin-weight Jabali Breedy could consider himself fortunate to get the decision over fellow National Gym fighter Kumi Israel. Breedy has promise but must concentrate on basics rather than showboating at this infancy stage of his craft. He had speed on his side but his chin was simply begging for a left-hook when he occasionally lunged forward with a left lead at the taller Israel.

Israel seemed to get frustrated with Breedy’s speed but failed to recognise that everything he got in a shot, Breedy slowed. Perhaps, he lost the fight because he did not get enough of those shots in, or Breedy’s style worked better than his substance.

Shaquille Denny of the National Gym was another who impressed significantly during his welterweight victory over Edissa Mitchell of the Belfield Gym. Apart from Fraser, Denny showed the most poise of all the boxers on show in his punching and has obviously been working on his combinations. His crisp left lead jab was invariably followed by a sharp right cross that often found the mark. Occasionally he slipped in a left uppercut that stopped Mitchell in his tracks.

Tahj Farley of the Barbados Defence Force Sports Programme won over Ezra Lorde of the Belfield Gym in a lightweight bout where there was more lull than lashes. The two spent most of the fight sending out speculative jabs at each other and if Farley did not occasionally try to be aggressive and force the tempo it could have been possible that not a punch would have been landed.

Others on the card which featured a number of junior fighters “now cutting their teeth” in the sport were Kemar Gaskin of the Briar Hall Gym who defeated Joshua Fields of Four Hill Gym in a bantamweight contest; Ajayi Jones of the Briar Hall Gym who defeated Javon Forde of Thunderbird Gym; Shaquille Goring of Thunderbird beat Stevenson Lythcott of Belfield; Akeem Isadore of the National Gym defeated Kishmar Husbands of the Shaka Boxing School and Akeem Brathwaite of Briar Hall prevailed over Chvanni Forde in a wild affair. (WG)

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