Bajans still thriving

MP and Minister of Labour Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo.

Barbadians are still thriving in spite of the tough financial difficulties some of them might have been going through in the last four years, says Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo,

“When you look around Barbados you wouldn’t believe that this is supposed to be hard times. People in Barbados are … still thriving. There are and always will be those who have challenges and we have provided more than ably, more than amply, for those people but we have continued to ensure that Barbadians can enjoy a certain standard of living,” she said.

The Minister of Labour was speaking at a joint meeting of the Democratic Labour Party’s St. George and the St. Michael North East branches held yesterday evening at the St. George Secondary School.

She said that so much had been done in her constituency, where she grew up and could therefore give a firsthand account of the improvements.

Saying she could not recognise the rural constituency when she looked around because of the “amount of work that we have been able to accomplish” in the four years the party had been in power, she reminded the party faithful that former MP Sir Louis Tull had called it an outside child.

Among the accomplishments she listed were the new Thelma Berry Nursery School, a new primary school, a day nursery and a brand new skills training community/centre at St. Luke’s. Additionally, she said, a playing field will be developed at Todds, and a new pavilion at Greens.

Byer-Suckoo also said that the DLP had nothing to be afraid off, “no reason to cower, no reason to hang our heads” because they had done more for “this country in four and a half years” than had bee done in 14 years of Barbados Labour Party rule.

“You need to get up, stand up and you need to support the Democratic Labour Party. When you hear the propaganda, arm yourself with the truth, come out and bring a friend. When you’re coming out to these meetings bring a friend because they need to hear the truth…,” the St. George South MP said.

She described the mass canvass that took place the day before in the constituencies as “excellent” and noted that the people were “not tired” of the DLP. She said they were “not stupid”, had eyes and ears, and could think for themselves and would sacrifice all to ensure Barbadians benefit. (DS)

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