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Beavers Centenary Trip to St. Vincent

Just as the expression goes; “It came and it went.” The argument that time is not ours to control and we must appreciate the present; as we only have the now to deal with, is so true when one reflects on all the preparation which was necessary for the two-day Beavers Centenary trip to St. Vincent and before one can say “jack robin” the group was back in Bim.

From all reports the tour was a fantastic experience for all parties involved. One would never believe that the organising committee, headed by Rosaline Bend, the Assistant Chief Commissioner with responsibility for the Beaver Section, could have accomplish so much in such a short space of time. This week’s edition of On my Honour will seek to give a little taste of what the group experienced.

The activities in this adventure included craft, outdoor activities, singing, playing games, going out on visits, investigating nature, listening to stories, learning how to keep safe, and most importantly, making new friends.

The highlights of our adventure are as follows:

* The plane ride: For some boys this was their first time in a plane, so this was rather fascinating to them.

* Island tour: The boys were able to explore the vast landscape that made up the windward side of St. Vincent. They were even able to explore the Black Point Tunnel (bat cave).

* Meet and greet: The adventurers where able to meet and interact with a group of Cub Scouts at Scout Headquarters as they were taking part in their JOTA/JOTI activities.

* Exploration and shopping spree: The capital Kingstown was in walking distance from the Adventure base and on Saturday morning under the guidance of the Colony Leaders the boys were given the opportunity to explore the capital city, Kingstown on foot and to purchase little trinkets from the local souvenir shops.

* Story time: Folklore stories about St. Vincent and the Grenadines were relayed to the boys by Chief Commissioner Frederick Forbes and Wood Badger Monty to expose them to the culture and heritage of the island.

* Church Service: Several of the boys had never attended an Anglican Church before and hence were intrigued by the various rituals performed during the service.

Before the Beavers left Barbados, they were all encouraged to be an adventurous Beaver while in St. Vincent. This means that they were encouraged to be very involved in all the activities of the colony. At the prize giving ceremony the boys were very excited to find out who was the most adventurous Beaver Scout on this tour. All of the Beaver Scouts were presented with certificates of participation and camp memorabilia.

One of the sad occurrences on the trip besides the visit to St. Vincent being too short; was the fact that there was the cancellation of the Mini Olympics. Obviously the inclement weather factored solely on this point but as Scouts additional activities were planned.

All members of the contingent returned to Barbados safely, with the final group of leaders arriving at The Grantley Adams International Airport at 11:20 p.m. all tired but satisfied with an excellent Centenary activity for the youngest of the Sections of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association.

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