Sinckler: Move was radical

Chris Sinckler

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler believes that the introduction of free secondary education was one of the most radical youth policies ever, but was not designated as such.

Sinckler made this observation earlier today while speaking in the House of Assembly on the National Youth Policy resolution. He further stated that free health care and the public transport service were also part of Government’s youth policy, but condemned the artificial segmentation that had crept into the debate.

The St. Michael North West MP argued that the parliamentary debate should not be simplistic, and suggested that parliamentarians should talk about a national service instead of a national youth service.

Sinckler told fellow parliamentarians that some Barbadians felt that nothing could be done without money, but he recalled that while on a recent visit to Japan he was told that young people joined with the Ministry of the Environment in keeping the streets of Tokyo clean.

He said: “People in Barbados would see bush and debris in their communities and would expect an undercapitalised and understaffed department to keep their communities clean.”

Sinckler said there were parents who could not pay for extra tuition for their children who were candidates for the Common Entrance Examination, but no student who benefited from free secondary education or tertiary education would volunteer their service to these poor parents.

2 Responses to Sinckler: Move was radical

  1. Hon. David Forde October 29, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    Dear Hon. Minister of Fiance Mr. Chris Sinckler, As a Barbadian National residing overseas in the USA, & a contributor to our Nations Educational System for Secondary Education, i would like to convey the express opinion of several Organization members of my Organization the International Society of United Caribbean Nationals (ISUCAN,USA, Org. The following are the collective majority opinion of our Barbadian Diaspora Communities across the US, regarding Barbados Secondary Education,Tuition & students Community Services: The foundational standards of Barbados secondary Education has all ways been & should remains the avenue for the privilege & underprivileged student of Barbados Educational system, If we are looking for the students to participate in Community

  2. Hon. David Forde October 29, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    To continue for the previous comments by the ISUCAN, USA, Org. on Monday October 29,2012. If the Government Educational System are looking for our students to participate in Community Services, then it would behooves the Government to provide the necessary incentives & training to attract those students to contribute to the required Community needed services, this concludes the comments of the ISUCAN, USA Org. President, CEO/Founder, Hon. David Forde on behalf of its Organization Membership/Members,


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