Series of City shootings

Residents in some City districts were left in the grips of fear today following what can be described as a shooting spree that began last night and continued into the middle of this morning.

Detectives in bulletproof vests on Baxter’s Road this morning.

Some described the happenings like a television action movie and police reported at least five separate incidents where people were either shot or neighbourhoods were terrorised by the sounds of gun fire.

The first incident occurred around 11:45 last night, when 31-year-old Terry Headley of Eden Lodge was shot twice in his left arm while at Wharton’s Gap, New Orleans.

Subsequently, police reported two other shootings last night in the densely populated area. One in 7th Avenue New Orleans and the second in the nearby Beckles Land, but there were no reports of injury in either case.

The fear returned this morning however, when Akeem Forde, 19, of Chapman Lane was shot in his right elbow while at Murphy’s Pasture, the City. The injury was said to have broken Forde’s arm and he was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he was detained.

Onlookers watch beyond the “do not cross” police tape.

Three hours later in Mason Hall Street, a stone’s throw from Murphy’s Pasture, Shane Ifill, 27, of Goodland, St. Michael, was rushed to hospital after being shot in both legs. He was also detained at hospital.

Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector David Welch, said the incidents had caused considerable concern to the force, but added that police had moved in quickly to quell any further disturbances.

He assured that police had responded to each of the cases as they were reported, and had increased patrols around these City areas to reassure the public.

A number of people, he added, were in custody assisting with investigations into the shootings. (DS)

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