Probe against reporter dropped

PORT OF SPAIN – Express Political Editor Ria Taitt will not have to reveal her source after all.

This afternoon, Peter Carter QC, the lead counsel for the CL Financial/Hindu Credit Union Commission of Enquiry, declined to pursue the action against Taitt, when she appeared before the commission at Winsure building, Port of Spain.

Express Political Editor Ria Taitt.

Taitt was expecting to be asked to name who gave her the witness statement of Lawrence Duprey.

Information in the statement was used by Taitt to write an exclusive article entitled I did nothing wrong which was published in the Express on Wednesday.

Yesterday, Taitt appeared at the enquiry with Express attorney Faarees Hosein, in response to a request made by Commission chairman Sir Anthony Colman.

Colman asked Hosein yesterday if he had any knowledge of who caused the breach of the commission’s confidentiality clause. Hosein said that Taitt had declined to “name or identify her source”. Hosein told Colman that the Express would not publish any other witness statement before the witness appears at the enquiry.

Carter suggested that Taitt be called by Colman today to reveal her source in private. However, when Taitt appeared, Carter said “there is no point going on with this investigation any further” since Taitt had taken the position not to reveal her source, and the Express had accepted its rebuke and given the undertaking not to publish other witness statements before the witness appeared before the enquiry. (Express)

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