Hinds has his day

Joshua Maloney was the day’s winner of round four.

Christian Hinds finally turned the tables on Tremaine Forde Catwell in round four of the second season at the Barbados Karting Association’s 2012 Frutee Championship.

Driving in a clockwise direction at the Bushy Park, St. Philip racing circuit over the weekend, it was Hinds who completed a perfect four wins from four races and drove off with the maximum 100 points on the day in the 310 Yamaha Premier Class.

However, some were amazed that Catwell was able to finish the day after his engine had malfunctioned in the first race. His father and chief pit crew Gregory Catwell said he managed to take out the piston and smooth the areas in order for it to work again. This saw Catwell not at his usual pace but yet fast enough to finish second on the day with 81 points. It did not take away from Hinds’ victory and in the final race of the day Catwell seemingly decided to let it all hang out for a few laps.

Catwell still holds onto his lead in the second season with 373 points with Hinds second with 294.

In the battle for the overall Frutee Driver’s Championship, Catwell leads with 845 points, while Hinds is third with 689. Third in the class was Nicholas Gill with 75 points.Seven drivers lined up for the 270 Yamaha Class which saw plenty of action through the race.

Joshua Maloney, Zane Maloney, Saviola Thomas and Joshua Parris were all in the top two during the day and had to defend their position as well.However it was Joshua Maloney who won the last two races of the day and carried off the day’s victory with 86 points.

Zane Maloney had been leading the points standing having won the first two races, but his chain came off during the third race and it saw him not only being lapped by the field as his father and crew chief, Sean Maloney, hastily tried to rectify the problem. The problem was fixed and Zane finished fifth in that race.

This opened the door for Joshua Maloney who not only won that race but went on to win the final race of the day.

Zane Maloney still leads his class in the second season with 371 points and is second in the overall race for the championship with 779 points. Joshua Maloney is third in the class with 238 points and fourth in the championship hunt with 680 points.

Joshua Parris who finished second twice in two races, collected 73 points and was third in the day’s final standings. He is second in the class with 289 points.

Calvin Bartlet was fourth with 63, while Saviola Thomas was fifth with 58 points after not finishing the third race. Krystal Kirton and Kareem Alkins were plagued with mechanical problems at the start day and both missed the first race.

However Alkins managed to complete the rest of the races and was sixth with 43 points, while Kirton who made it to the line a number of times, only started and finished the final race of the day.

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