Creating a rift

From AC in London

Have you noticed how quickly things are changing these days? I mean really changing to the point that they can be very annoying at times and then in some cases you wonder how you ever managed to get by without them.

I am one of those persons who is constantly asking myself how life would be without this and that and also how annoying some things are.

For example, look at the age of cell phones. They were once used for simply making a phone call of importance or a simple “Hi!” to a good friend. Of course, only the ones who could truly afford them had one and don’t forget how big they used to be and the case they used to be kept in.

Then came the texting years when messages could be sent without having to say a single word. We could now write a brief message to a friend or family member many miles away and they could get it in a few seconds, compared to writing a letter, which took a few days or a week before it reached its destination. How great it is to be able to do that now.

We are now able to use our cells to send emails now and Google and do almost anything once we have what is called a smart phone or an Android. The truth is I am not as technical with the stuff, but I am good enough to do what is needed on them when I do.

I am still not into the BB Messenger up until now. I must confess I now own one but I have never used it besides to make calls and send text messages. I am constantly being asked by friends and family to get it sorted and send them my pin, but truth be told, not even my wife has my pin and I can safely say I have no intention of sharing my little pin with anyone else either.

I am somewhat hooked on the “WhatsApp” piece of technology and tend to be messaging my friends on it more as time goes by. I guess it is similar to BB Messenger because of the freeness, but unlike the annoying pings of the BlackBerry I don’t have to deal with that with “WhatsApp”.

The sad part of it all is we seldom speak to each other now and everyone wants your pin instead. I am appreciative of the freeness facilitated by this piece of technology, but I must say I am old fashioned and love to hear the voice of my loved ones and friends. Technology is surely creating a rift between us and our friends and loved ones. We seem to do everything via the messenger services and never find time to let them hear our voice.

Not me at all. I make time to let all my friends and family get familiar with my voice even if I am annoying to them at times. People break up via this technology and get together via it too. As crazy as it may have seemed years ago, it is a reality today.

I don’t think I need to go too far into discussing what cell phone technology is today as every Tom, Dick, and Harry owns one. I even read in a newspaper of a lady who spent over 900 on cell phones for her child so that he isn’t the odd one out.

I had to say yesterday while on a bus going to Brixton that I can understand why some people are not calling people anymore. There was a man who seemed to be so into his conversation that he had no idea or cared how loud he was. He was so loud that you would have thought he was speaking to the person on the other side of the street while they operated a jack hammer. Telephone etiquette was nowhere in sight with him.

I knew his life story by the time I got off the bus, and I knew how he felt about where he was going and what he was going to do. Not that I was listening but I had no choice with him being as loud as he was.

I must say that phones these days are more designed to do everything else besides chatting. The ones I own are all that way. I say ones because I find myself having to carry at least three at a time. The sad part is that they all ring at some point and I am usually seen ploughing through my pockets to find the one that is ringing. Long gone are the days of waiting until I reach home or the office to get that call. Great indeed, but annoying at times when the person calling has absolutely nothing of importance to chat about and worse of all when they call and expect you to lead the conversation.

Thanks to technology I carry three or four phones, a laptop, and an iPad, have emails, text messages, WhatsApp messages and Facebook to deal with. I plan to measure how much time I spend using these devices as far as private life and work goes and with the plan for the purchase of a new Samsung Tablet with additional keyboard I think I need to go shopping for that specially built bag to carry these things to and from work weekly.

I am off now to check out the rest of London and continue to feel wonderful about living in the best part of the world. The skies are dark and grey and the people all look grumpy and will get even grumpier as the month goes on. Winter is coming so any meet and greet will be via the technology we all have. Thanks to that wonderful annoying technology I will be emailing this story. It has its place one way or the other, but we need to get back to being human in some cases. Make a start today and try calling your mom or dad or best friend. You will be surprised at what happens on the other side of that cell phone.

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