Awful service on PSVs

This week I have been forced to use the private transport system in this country. In all honesty I am appalled for the commuters who are subjected to the awful service these people offer.

The music is deafening and offensive in majority of these vehicles. You board a vehicle expecting to be heading to your destination at a reasonable pace, and you are in for a major disappointment.

If it is not rush hour the vehicle tends to drag, driving at about five kmph, only speeding up at approaching bus stops. Perchance another van is behind, you are then in a death trap. This is when you are clutching on for dear life and praying to the Almighty Father to make your journey safe.

If at any time you indicate that you need to disembark, you are yelled at to come forward, whether or not the vehicle is still in high speed motion.

My dilemma is that I have never been or ever will be a passive citizen. I follow the laws of the land and try as much as humanly possible to live by the golden rule. But I will not be a paying passenger and be treated with such scant disregard.

I want to know what the Government is doing about these people who offer these services that make John Public feel so insignificant, as if their lives are of no value once payment has been received.

— Judith Bryan

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