Unsure journey

I think we can all testify to being along a long winding path and not being too sure where exactly we’re headed. Life in its proverbial form is often known as the unsure and there’s nothing worse we humans hate then being unaware of the road ahead and what’s in store for us.

However, in this life the idea of not knowing is one that we’ll never be able to avoid commencing on a journey and not being sure if you’ll be able to finish it, furthermore reap the rewards, and bask in the ambiance of your successes is just the way life works and many examples of this dominate our lives.

We enter into a job at a particular position and work ourselves to the bone to not only excel at what we do but also maybe even get a promotion to a higher better paying position. In our love lives we enter into relationships with a partner because of how the person makes us feel and how we can express ourselves around them, however with many of us the ultimate quest is marriage, the pinnacle to that idea of finding our perfect soul mate. Finally, as most of us can relate, within the education arena, the process of trying to further or education is one that is widespread. No longer is studying seen as a thing for the young, mature individuals are going back to school to further there education and trying to make a name for themselves. Late nights early morning and long strenuous hours of sleeping are all in the name of graduating. Getting that paper that says you have served your time and officially qualified.

All these examples show that knowing what lies ahead is not always the most important factor but successfully crossing the finishing line is.


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