Unknown assailants shoot police officer

KINGSTON – Well known crime fighter Terrence Bent, who heads the Kingston Western Police Division, was yesterday shot by unknown assailants.

Bent was rushed to hospital where he was treated and released.

Superintendent Arthur Brown said his colleague was shot in the upper arm. He said Bent remained in high spirits as he walked out of the hospital after medical treatment was extended to him.

Yesterday, the Constabulary Communication Network said Bent was shot and injured in the Jones Town area of the Kingston Western Division during an attack by men armed with high-powered rifles.

Fatally shot

The Gleaner understands that at least one of the assailants has since been fatally shot.

It is understood that the police was in the process of making preparatory measures in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy on Studley Park Road, located in a section of the western Kingston community, when Bent was shot.

Bent is considered the architect for the improved relationship between residents of Tivoli Gardens and its environs and the police, in the aftermath of the May 2010 military incursion, in the search of then area don Christopher “Dudus” Coke. (Gleaner)

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