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Team effort

Team effort

Minister Lashley standing next to Cynthia Wilson, one of NIFCA’s founding members.

Anytime you visit the LIME NIFCA events in November at the Frank Collymore Hall, one beautiful piece of art is bound to capture your attention.

However, it is not a piece that has been entered into competition; it is simply a piece which was created by many hands, including Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, under the direction of artist Wayne Hinds.

Created in less than a month, beginning in September at the launch of NIFCA, the piece has an element of each discipline juxtaposed in it to represent drama/speech, music, dance, literary arts, visual arts/photography/fine art and craft, film and video. In addition, it is a direct reflection of this year’s theme, Let the Arts Speak, which demonstrates one’s freedom of artistic expression.

The long standing artist, who was commissioned by the National Cultural Foundation, said these elements included paint brushes and pencils projecting forward and sideways, a broken trident made of Styrofoam, located is close to the bottom with the NCF’s logo.

Hinds explained that Lashley was happy to participate in its creation by placing on mask, while his permanent secretary, Ernesta Drakes placed some beads.

In describing the montage, Hinds stated: “[It] is suppose to transcend years… I was very happy to do the piece… It is a natural progression from what I am doing right now. I like the process with the use of natural materials in the construction of artwork.”

Hinds, a consistent participant in NIFCA from 1998 to 2009, took a three-year break and is back to showcase his mix-media creations in the Visual Arts/Photography section. He has won several bronze awards in NIFCA.

Hinds holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from the Barbados Community College and he has been a Visual Arts teacher for the past 15 years. Currently, he teaches at the Christ Church Foundation School.

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