Fresh berth

by Emmanuel Joseph

A marina facility, being constructed for an estimated $1 million, is scheduled to be opened for business in the heart of the City by the end of next month.

The project, the brainchild of the Barbados Port Incorporated, will see the expansion and upgrading of the entire Careenage, running inland from the Duncan O’neal Bridge to the mouth of that waterway on the western end.

Deputy Chairman of port, George Billy Fergusson told Barbados TODAY that the venture would involve the placement of new moorings, electricity, water and CCTV cameras.

“It will be coupled with berthing capacity for yachts so we can make it a profitable undertaking. It will also double for yacht races which end up in Barbados, so the boats could berth here,” added Fergusson.

He revealed that when completed, the marina would be able to accommodate between 40 to 50 boats.

“There are a lot of weekend boats right now that do not go out (to sea) regularly. The (mobile) bridge will open twice a day, morning and evening; of course boats wanting to berth in the inner basin which requires the bridge to move, would have to do so at a cost,” explained the executive.

He pointed out that when the bridge is closed, boats returning earlier than normal, would tie up in that area of the outer basin, near Nelson’s statue and wait for the bridge to re-open. Fergusson informed this newspaper that, Edghill Associates, which is carrying out the work, is expected to complete the entire project by November 30, in time to receive those boats participating in the Panerai Classic Transat Yacht Race, from Caseais, France to Barbados in mid-December.

“We will have the marina regularised. Right now everybody doing their own thing and we want to ensure the facility remains tidy, like any marina anywhere. So there will be rules everybody will have to operate under. We have to make that water space useable,” he added.

He revealed that a dock master/bridge master would be hired to oversee the operations of the facility, which would function as an integral part of the other Revitalisation of Bridgetown projects.

Fergusson also disclosed that the dry dock on the western end of the Careenage, believed to be the only screw dock left in the world, is likely to be revived.

However, he indicated that it would not operate in the original manner, since that type of dry dock work, no longer existed. Meanwhile, work is underway on the Constitution River Improvement Project, which involved dredging and beautifying.

Other initiatives contributing to the Revitalisation of Bridgetown include major street lighting improvements, a CCTV system and the Friday Night Live event, which is being held tomorrow.

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