Final farewell

Waking up that morning, I remember that I have to write my article for Barbados TODAY. I smile to myself because I actually remember, seeing as my memory is pretty bad. Yes, I remember :). However, as the day goes by, I seem to forget. I find myself doing everything but writing that article. All of a sudden, outside is dark. I continue what I was doing, everything but my article as time flies. My bb alarms to remind me that it needs to be done but I just dismiss the alarm and continue whatever I was doing. Midnight comes, and then one, two in the morning, and it finally hits me… Gotta do that article. Minutes of thinking about what to write, minutes of sitting in front of that blank word document, just minutes on top of minutes pass by. Finally, I know what I am going to write about, and it just flows.

Well, this “journey” has come to an end, and as sad mmmas it may be, (maybe more for me than you guys), greater things are to come… (I hope lol – how’s that for some positivity?) It seems like I have been doing this forever, but it has only been about three years and some months (I think). Well, guys, this is goodbye. My last set of thoughts, my last set of opinions, advice, stories… My last article… Until we meet again? Goodbye. xx


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