We'll win!

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Mara Thompson, widow of the late Prime Minister David Thompson, unveiling a commemorative plaque at the Democratic Labour Party Headquarters last night.


Prime Minister Freundel Stuart last night assured Democratic Labour Party supporters — and the country — that all will be well when he rings the bell for the next general elections.

Speaking at a well-attended event at DLP headquarters, George Street to observe the second anniversary of the death of former Prime Minister David Thompson, Stuart told the gathering that included Thompson’s widow Mara Thompson and two of his three children, Misha and Oya: “Don’t get too worried, all will be well.”

Stuart used the analogy of a horse training by itself and appeared to be running very fast, but was put to the test once race day came, to illustrate what he suggested would be the fate of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party at the coming poll.

“When a horse is training by himself he looks very, very fast. You tell yourself it is impossible for him to be beaten, because he is going around the track by himself. But it’s on Gold Cup day or race day, that you separate the real winners…

“We have a collection of pinchbeck successes in the Barbados Labour Party, as we will prove when I call the next election,” the prime minister said. “So you don’t get too worried, all will be well.”

Stuart said this against the backdrop of what he described as having to repair some strained nerves within the party. He told supporters that the BLP was “so benighted” that its leaders did not know the term “awakened a sleeping giant” which he quoted recently, was used since December 7, 1941 by a Japanese admiral who was not keen to attack Pearl Harbour.

“So this is the first time the Barbados Labour Party was hearing it. So the best interpretation they could put on it, is that I was saying that we were all asleep and we now wake up. [It is] always better to be here than elsewhere in any way associated with that disgruntled and inept collection of well organised self seekers who have now taken to roaming Barbados at night, befouling the pleasant mid-night air with their invectives. We are where we ought to be. Here on the sacred ground of the Democratic Labour Party,” he said as he prepared the foundation for his speech.

Stuart noted that the pleasure of his presence at the event, David I Remember – Celebrating Women in the Party, was enhanced by the fact that “we are here tonight to reminisce and reflect on the life of my friend and late colleague, David John Howard Thompson, with whom I have had a long an edifying relationship going back to the late 1970s”. (EJ)

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