Using Thompson's legacy

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart celebrating women of the DLP.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is proud of the relationship he had with the man he succeeded — late Prime Minister David Thompson.

Speaking last night on the second anniversary of Thompson’s death, during a specially organised tribute to the fallen Democratic Labour Party stalwart, Stuart drew extensively on his relationship with Thompson and on his “legacy”, which demonstrated that Barbados was more than an economy, it was also a society.

The Prime Minister suggested that the best tribute citizens could pay to the late leader, was to internalise those things for which he stood and demonstrate that his efforts were not in vain.

He tapped into his memories of Thompson as he sought to galvanise party backers, by noting that the “fallen” head of rGovernment had given upwards of one half of his life to the party and served it in good times and bad times.

Stuart recalled that his two most touching moments with his predecessor were when Thompson was ill and experiencing much pain, but was more concerned about his [Stuart’s] welfare than the discomfort he was going through; and when he told him his time would come to be the next Prime Minister.

“David was a great human being, a very thoughtful and penetrating political thinker and politician. I always marvelled at how much energy his adversaries had to use up when they were going after him, because it was not very easy to subdue him,” added the ruling DLP political leader.

He observed that between 1994 and 2008, no one ever had to withstand as much bile, venom and bitterness as Thompson, “and through it all, his steps never faltered”.

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