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st. matthew’s primary assigns responsibilities to 26 pupils

Twenty six prefects of the St. Matthew’s Primary School were installed in an hour-long ceremony earlier today at the St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Hothersal Turning, St. Michael.

President of the school’s Parent-Teacher Association, Glyne Parris, pinned the badges on the pupils, including Head Boy Amari Lokey, Head Girl Kyrell Worrell, Deputy Head Boy Kobe Steven and Deputy Head Girl, Seance Dorant. They will serve during the year 2012-2013.

Class four teacher and head of the Prefects Club and the Prefects Committee, Tanya Dottin, told Barbados Today that the committee chose the names, while Principal Eleanor Brathwaite and Senior Teacher Angela Edwards finalised and approved the candidates.

Noting that the pupils who make up the prefect body already displayed leadership qualities, Dottin said: “They are the ones who without asking, speak to fellow students and advise them that what they are doing is wrong and advise them on what is right. If that does not work, they would take the issue to a teacher.”

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Parochial Church Council of the St. Matthew’s Church, Yvonne Byer, gave the new prefects some pointers on good leadership. Byer told the young students that while leadership had its privileges, it was very important they focussed more on the huge responsibilities.

She said: “Treat everyone with respect and consideration. Use kind words, help when you can, share and take turns, be honest and truthful, listen to what others have to say, think before you speak and act, hold and control your temper, think about the feelings of others, and work and play fairly.”

Byer assured the student leaders that they were not alone in carrying out their duties, but God’s Holy Spirit and loving teachers were working with them and taking care of them.

She also assured them that once God has called someone for a task, he equipped them for it. Byer advised them that they should always say their prayers and seek God’s guidance for new roles.

“Be comfortable with who you are,” Byer said. “Do not be a copy; be an original. Use your vision and be happy with self. If you want to develop and demonstrate leadership qualities you need to learn to accept your unique personality. Being different is not always easy. Show initiative and do not always depend on others to decide on matters for you.”

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