Love yourself

I always heard my mother say, believe in yourself and anything is possible. I still can’t believe that after six months of preparation, the Miss Big & Beautiful pageant has come and gone. Time truly waits on no one.

I still can remember when I first met each contestant. Some were shy, others reserved and others were just basking in the moment of it all. Then to see them on the night of the show looking so beautiful and confident I was truly impressed. It truly makes me feel as though what I do makes a difference in someone’s life. Honestly, there is no feeling like it.

The Miss Big & Beautiful role is to ensure that when each contestant leaves this programme, the way they dress should change, the way they think about themselves should change and most of all they should truly love themselves. I always say that when you truly begins to love yourself, everything changes.

Even though a couple of days have passed I am still excited about what happened last Sunday at Plantation Theatre under the theme Unstoppable. When the contestants arrived on the bikes the Plantation erupted. I guess no one would have thought that we would ever come up with such an idea. How else would we introduce the contestants on the night of the competition under such a powerful theme like Unstoppable?

I am honestly proud of my contestants and also my team on the night. The show ran smoothly, with no hiccups, and I must thank my Technical Manager Camar Clarke and Ingrid Moore for a job well done. Everyone in Plantation left knowing that they got their monies worth.

I must say a heartfelt thank you to the patrons who came out on the night and cheered and screamed in support of the delegates. The Miss Big & Beautiful pageant would not be the same without your continued support.

The ninth edition has passed and we now look forward to the Big Ten. Many persons have stopped and asked what we will do for that milestone.

To be honest, I have not thought that far ahead as yet but I can promise it will be bigger and better. I still can’t believe my baby has reached nine years. Every year there are many challenges to tackle but at the end of the day I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

We still have to get major sponsorship for this competition but I honestly believe that this year’s pageant has shown that the Miss Big & Beautiful is one of the best organised and most well attended pageant in Barbados. Nothing could be possible without God’s grace and we must acknowledge that.

No one can deny that there truly is something special about the Miss Big & Beautiful pageant and it is about time that Corporate Barbados acknowledges that fact.

I wish you all a wonderful week and admonish you to remember to make today and everyday a big and beautiful day in the way you dress, your walk and most of all in your smile!

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