For the fun of it

The Seven On 7 team.


There’s a new spot in town aimed at people 30 years and over.

On Saturday a resto/lounge Seven On 7 opened its doors for business in Dover, Christ Church with specially invited guests, sumptuous food and great entertainment.

Businessman Ryan Fields spoke to Barbados TODAY about the venture.

“I moved to Barbados last July and there really isn’t a place for people 30 plus, to go out, sit and enjoy an experience, whether it be a drink or food, a nice social atmosphere with people in the same age group. It was difficult to find places like that with music that I wanted to hear. That’s how Seven On 7 came about,” he explained.

The former The St. Michael School student is hopeful that “a whole bunch of Barbadians” in this age group would want to do the same in the location that is big enough for the restaurant and the lounge.

He also said that the On 7 portion represents Highway 7 which runs along the South Coast.

“Seven signifies a lot of great things. The On 7 part has been trademarked so any other business that we have will be, On 7,” he said.

Fields is not “necessarily worried” about competition in his category of business and he likes the fact that it is easily accessible and is close to hotel and residential areas.

It will be opened seven days a week around 4 or 5 p.m. initially and then later for lunch. (DS)

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