Footballers benefit from community competitions

Several young men have been benefitting from their participation in football across Barbados over the past few weeks, and this has been whether competing in national tournaments or community football competitions.

Trevor Prescod (right) makes the presentation

Last Sunday saw the culmination of the Paradise Masters 2012 Football Competition sponsored by Christ Church South MP and Minister of Transport and Works John Boyce.

The Rendezvous Masters captained by Adrian Pridee emerged victorious in the tournament and Boyce was there to make the several presentations to the participants. And with the David Thompson Constituency Council Memorial Football Tournament now in full swing, Barbados Labour Party candidate for the St. Michael East constituency, Trevor Prescod, once again showed his community- spiritedness when he recently presented football boots to five players from that constituency’s team.

The St. Michael East team clashed with The City team at the Blenheim ‘B ‘Grounds, in the Ivy, St Michael on Saturday and Prescod took the opportunity then to make the presentations. (WG)

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