Big leagues clearly for Crystal

If all goes according to plan, highly promising netballer Crystal Niles could soon be playing the sport she loves passionately at the professional level.

Crystal Niles

Niles, 20, who presently plays with Fusion and Potential Ballers, and is participating in the Barbados Workers Union Netball competition, has her focus on heading to England to realise her goal of playing netball professionally. She has the talent, but of course, the bold step will be an expensive undertaking.

She has already had some of the England experience having left Barbados at age five to live there with her family. She played at the secondary school level before returning to Barbados at age 13. She did not play the game on her return home where she threw herself into her studies at Foundation School. However, about eight months ago the netball bug bit her once again and it has been netball day and night.

“I train five nights a week with two local teams and I play competitively with one, playing division one in the BWU netball tournament [and] doing whatever it takes to get better. Ultimately, I’d like to play competitive netball at a professional level in Australia, whose national team is ranked number one in the world for the sport,” she told Barbados TODAY.

Niles added: “My immediate goals, however, are to travel to England for approximately six months and play in the Premier League to further my skills and

improve my level of netball. After this venture, I’d like to return to Barbados and put the skills I have gained while away back into the community by either coaching or assisting netball coaches.”

The confident young woman has already been in contact with three English clubs, namely Telstars Netball Club, Leyton Netball Club and The Downs Netball Club which all play either Division one or two in the Premier League.

“The England national team is currently placed third in the world standings and I believe that going to England will bring me closer to receiving the training that will advance my game to a world class level. I truly am very passionate about netball. I see it as more than a sport and I’m willing to do what it takes to improve my game,” she said.

And for those who want to follow Niles on her professional quest, this can be done via twitter @Crystal_Niles “Some people dream of success, while others stay awake to achieve it”. (WG)

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