Murder convict gets back millions

Donald “Zeeks” Phipps.

KINGSTON — Convicted murderer Donald “Zeeks” Phipps has received the bulk of the approximately $24 million which the police took from his St. Andrew house, claiming it was the proceeds of crime.

Phipps, who is serving life imprisonment for the 2005 murder of Dayton Williams and Leroy Farquharson, has already received the bulk of the money from the state.

Head of the Financial Investigations Division Justin Felice yesterday reported that the final of three payments will be made to Phipps this month.

The payments are in keeping with a consent judgment handed down in the Supreme Court on July 31 this year which ordered that the money be returned to Zeeks “within three months”.

Justice Frank Williams, who delivered the judgment, also ordered that the government should not pay interest on the cash up to the date of his ruling and awarded cost to Phipps “to be agreed or taxed”.

“We actually made the payments to the AG’s Department who then paid over the money to the lawyer representing Mr Phipps,” Felice added.

Phipps’ attorney, Jacqueline Samuels-Brown, declined to comment when contacted.

However, legal observers say the consent judgment is a clear indication that the state has accepted that the police had no legal basis to seize the money.

The money, J$8.35m, US$152,185, 9,020 and CDN$3,980, was seized by the police from Phipps’ Havendale, St. Andrew, home in May 2005.

Police investigators had alleged that Phipps, the deposed Matthew’s Lane, West Kingston, don, ran a criminal enterprise. They said the money was the proceeds of crime.

However, yesterday, one senior government official conceded that a thorough probe conducted by the FID failed to prove that the cash was illegally obtained or was the proceeds of criminal activities. (Gleaner)

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