In the potter's house

Laura Ward demonstrates the shaping of the famous “Bajan Attitude” dolls.

As the St. Lucy Parish Independence Committee continues to involve the various communities across the parish, the committee through its 2012 Parish Project, Builders of Our Communities … Pillars of Our Progress recently organised a community and school tours to Earth and Fire Pottery which is located in Connell Town.

The purpose of the tour was to expose some residents and the school children from the four primary schools across the parish to the work being done at the pottery.

The tour included understanding the raw clay, the crafting of the pieces, the kiln (firing) room and the hand painting shop and those present were educated to the significant impact which this institution is having on the parish, the country, and by extension the tourist industry as a result of the purchases of the many tourists who visit the country annually.

Persons who attended the tour were astonished at the outstanding work that is taking place in the parish. To them it was a hidden treasure revealed.

Although the owner, Laura Ward, is Venezuelan by birth, she considers herself to be a true St. Lucy native since many of her descendants – the Amerindians – were among the first inhabitants of the island and the parish in particular.

The business has been in operation for almost 20 years and to date through its pottery making, it has made many aspects of the Barbadian culture its primary focus. Her portfolio is inspired by our Barbadian surroundings and features aspects of the island’s beautiful people, architecture as well as the some of the flora and fauna seen in the parish.

The Barbadian rum shop and chattel house is featured very prominently.

The main potter Cedric Kellman is truly a mastermind at this dying Barbadian craft since he has been involved in the art for more than years. He eagerly showcased his artistic skills as he shaped the clay into beautiful pieces of art to loud applause from the appreciative audience with “Oohs and Ahs” at times.

At the end of the tour everyone was truly amazed, appreciative and well educated about the magnificent work produced by this small institution. Many of the pieces are sold at the famous Animal Flower Cave, Cave Shepherd stores and some are also shipped overseas.

Earth and Fire Pottery… truly a hidden treasure in St. Lucy.

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