Wiping out the African snail

I would appreciate it if you would publish this photo which shows the Giant African Snail in a mating position with another snail. The white protruding appendage is clearly seen inside the other snail.

We were told by officials at the Ministry of Agriculture that these snails do not need to mate to reproduce, but the picture appears to tell a very different story. Each of these snails can produce 1,000 eggs, so we are in for a very big problem.

When we see seven snails in one night we are seeing a future generation of 7,000 snails a few months later. It is time that the persons in charge of our borders and the environment get serious and get this marauding pest wiped out of Barbados.

An agricultural Officer said that persons can pick them up, but these snails vibrate violently in your hand and it is a squeamish feeling — not everyone can tolerate this feeling. Some persons are afraid to even walk in their yard because of them.

The cost of the snail pellets are high and then the birds would eat them during the day what is left from the baiting put out at night to trap the snails. The snails also eat the Tom Cat rat bait but the cost is high.

The agricultural ministry should continue to purchase more bait and assist those persons who call them for help. Not only the large farmers need their assistance, the person with backyard gardening need their help, too.

So get off the high chair and assist all of us in Barbados.

— Beverley Brathwaite

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