Bridging the gap

scouts have a blast at jamboree

This past weekend was a very engaged one for the international family called Scouts. As is the practice internationally, two world events are “played out” on the international Scouting stage, namely, Jamboree On The Air and Jamboree On The Internet. This year would see participants from all over the world participate in the 55th Anniversary of Jamboree on the Air and the 16th Anniversary of Jamboree on the Internet.

The weekend for the Barbadian Scouts proved to be one full of fun and technology. Under the watchful eyes of their Leaders, Scouts gathered at Harrison College and at other venues to be active participants in the two events chatting with fellow scouts throughout the world.

Through JOTA-JOTI, every member of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association can make friends, exchange stories, experience different cultures and have fun as part of the largest activity in world Scouting.

Making an appearance at the activity which was held at Harrison College, the Leaders who accompanied their troops expressed their delight to see the heightened interest in the Barbadian Scouts who were anxious to chat with the scouts and guides from the many regions, particularly in the area of programme ideas, interests and activities which, though novelties to Bajan Scouts were regularly executed by the scouts in countries such as Australia and beyond.

The vision for these international activities, JOTI-JOTA cannot be underestimated for they give youth members an awareness that they belong to a worldwide Movement. In a day when war and strife seem to be a daily serving on the plates of everyone, the opportunity to make a new friend from within the international community is more that a welcomed advantage.

Furthermore, in following the spirit of Scouting where the promotion of international peace, as well as the promotion of cooperation through the engaging of our youth is paramount, JOTA and JOTI certainly can help the Scouts develop a broader awareness of the global community mindedness of their presence through the respect for all races and religions, while enjoying the common bond Scouting provided.

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