Students call for more activities

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primary schools doing NIFCA until they got to secondary schools and not be able to further their skills.

Springer student Shakira Redman said there should be more extracurricular activities as part of the curriculum, to better help students explore their talents. For a school that is known for its sporting exploits and victories each year, the student said everyone was not as skilled in every academic area and there should therefore be options for those who had other interests to explore them as possible professions.

Likewise, St. Leonard’s lad, Jamal Codrington-Browne said he did not even know he had a talent for singing until he got into secondary school and was brought into the school’s choir. Similarly he said there were students with talents in cricket, football, athletics and culinary arts which were seen as extracurricular activities, which truly could become professions if more focus was given within schools to those with such interests.

Harrison College student, Deshon Griffith noted his interest in culinary arts which was not necessarily an option for him at school beyond a certain level, but which he felt should be open to all.

“Everybody expects Harrisonians to be doctors and lawyers. I personally wish they had Home Economics and those kinds of subjects at Harrison College because I love to cook but I don’t have that opportunity. So I believe the Government should focus more on integrating the curriculum more and making it more diverse,” said the lad.

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