No more room

Acting Principal Dennis Browne

St. George Secondary School has reached its maximum capacity.

Acting Principal Dennis Browne told Barbados TODAY in an interview earlier this week that even though this could be considered a good thing, the downside was that the students at the Constant school would not benefit from the small class rolls other had in the past.

“Our school now has risen to 829 students because our classrooms have risen to numbers such as 25 and close to 30. When we have smaller classes we’re able to give more individual attention to students. The smaller the group [the better] you’re able to work with the students on their difficulties.

“Remember these students come here with a lot of challenges and learning disabilities. The bigger the class it makes it more difficult for us to be able to help them. With greater numbers it means we have to be given more supplies, we need more materials, we need more furniture. We would need to improve on the infrastructure of the school. We need more space because right now as it is we are up to our maximum in classes. If we had an extra 30 students we wouldn’t have any where to put them,” he lamented.

Browne said he would also be highlighting the school’s success in CXC Art, and requesting more materials.

“I’m hoping that with our excellence in the Art Department and in other areas, I’d be able to persuade the minister to … give us more funding so we can develop our Art Department to a higher level,” he said. (DS)

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