LIME to sweeten pot

Telecommunications provider LIME is about to give its competition something else to think about.

While not going into detail, the company’s Vice President of Corporate Sales and Support, Samuel Skinner, said this week that it would be “reshaping” its offerings to Barbadian consumers.

Vice President of Corporate Sales and Support, Samuel Skinner

He was speaking at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus where he and Principal Sir Hilary Beckles outlined initiatives involving the two organisations, including UWI’s 50th anniversary being featured on the cover of the 2012/2013 telephone directory.

“Over the last two weeks we have been actually looking at our business and how we will be reshaping what we offer and how we offer it. So in the very near future the general public will be happy to see a new set of services being made available to the market,” Skinner said.

“You will be able to see how we will be transforming, how we operate and how we do business to meet the competitive landscape as well as to meet this dynamic environment.”

The LIME spokesman also said having provided free technology to 22 community centres around the island, this Connect Barbados project would be expanded.

“What we are doing is we are expanding the reach where we will be outfitting other community centres, so we are going beyond the 22 so that access for all is there. In addition to that, we also will be looking at our current business model and how we will be able now to offer households specific products and services in a more economical way, improving that access for all area that we are building,” he noted.

Skinner said rather than merely focussing on discounted services, LIME was interested in ensuring every Barbadian household had Internet and technology access.

“In the past, the reason why we would have gone the route of the community centre side of the business is because we recognise not every house … had a computer, so therefore it didn’t make sense providing that access in the home when you can’t use it,” he said. (SC)

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