Wardrobe essentials

Adding any one of these 11 versatile closet all-stars will take your outfit to new heights of fabulousness. From a white tuxedo jacket to statement heels, click through to see the pieces you’ll want to help you stand out. (Adapted from InStyle)


You deserve a dress as sophisticated as you are! A contoured sheath with a contrasting waistband gives you an hourglass shape, even if you skipped your last spin session.


Your 20s are all about playing as hard as you work – how better to take down the dance floor than in a flapper-style shift with lots of shimmer? Bonus: pop on a plain black blazer for an unexpected daytime combo.


It stands out in a sea of traditionally neutral blazers (you’ve already got navy or black down). And unlike its more predictable cousins, a white jacket can do fancy (lightly tossed over the shoulders of an evening gown) as easily as it can go casual – with jeans and a tee.


Instead of a necklace, try a soft loop of bright fabric to perk up a mundane outfit instantly. It’s a fun and simple way to mix prints. Wrap it once or twice around your neck, letting both ends hang loose.


If you have a glamorous event and your feet are begging for a break from stilettos, slip into some decorated flats like the ones shown here. This contrast of edgy and feminine suits cocktail dresses, of course, plus flirty skirts and dark trousers.


Punch up your office wear or faded denim with this snappy classic. Reveal a little (top it with a crewneck sweater so only your collar shows) or a lot -untucked and flowy over white jeans or a solid navy or gray skirt.


There’s hardly an ensemble that can’t be upgraded by the addition of this exciting spin on the traditional balmacaan–a silhouette that looks good on every figure. Pair it with capri pants, coloured jeans, a striped mini, or even your favorite little black dress.


Make your outfit interesting from the front and back. This vivid design allows you to colour-block with clothing in everything from silver or white to cobalt, orange, or yellow.


When so many options for your bottom half are solid basics, kicky printed pleats are unexpected. With this drop-waist silhouette, you don’t need to worry that you’ll be adding volume to your middle. Try it on with a tee or tank in white, gray, or black, and finish with a denim jacket.


Not as over-the-top as last season’s versions, this new incarnation combines darkened metal with glitz and a bit of colour for results that don’t seem wildly out of place during office hours.

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