Uninvited visitor

One occupant narrowly escaped injury when a jeep crashed into this wood and wall house at the corner of Two Mile Hill and Bishop’s Land, St. Michael.

The young man, who did not give a name, said he was sitting in the house when he heard a noise and then saw a red blur. The blur was the jeep which demolished a portion of the front of the house, whose driver was too shaken to comment.

She said she and her son were in the vehicle when the accident happened but neither was hurt.

A neighbour, said he too heard the bump, but given that there was a dent in the road near a manhole cover he thought it was a truck that had bounced into the hole and made the sound. When he got up to investigate, he realised his friend’s home had been damaged, but he was glad there were no injuries.

The damaged house was occupied by four people. (LB)

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