Reviving the City

From Left: BCCI’s Sharon Christie, UDC Director Dereck Alleyne, DaCosta Mannings’ Grace Chambers, Mount Gay’s Andrew Staughn and RDC’s Wendy Burke at this morning’s press conference.

The deterioration of lighting in the City could become a thing of the past, if the appropriate maintenance measures are put in place.

Chairperson of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Revitalisation of Bridgetown Initiative, Sharon Christie, announced this morning at a press conference to introduce a new Friday night event to the City, that lighting was very much on the cards.

She noted that it was something those driving the revitalisation effort had recognised early on in looking to bring activity back to the City.

“One of our challenges that … there are fixtures there that actually don’t function. We just got the fountain [in Heroes Square] to work again… One of our roles mainly is communication and getting the hands together to clap.

“We recognise the need to get the street lights fixed and through our efforts we are communicating with the people responsible for all that to get those working again,” she said.

The chairman stated: “In addition to that, lighting is very much a part of our beautification project. We already have the sponsorship for additional lights and you will notice I use the word sustainable maybe too many times, but there is no point us adding more lights that a few months from now won’t be working and there is nobody responsible for ensuring they are working.”

Deteriorated lighting

Over the years, lighting has deteriorated in several of the City’s main corridors, especially Broad Street, which is the most direct route connecting the upper part of town to the lower areas.

Christie said therefore, they were approaching lighting in a systematic manner, in two phases.

“[We are going to] get the existing lights working by bringing attention to it and working with the right people and putting the responsibility clearly on somebody’s head; and phase two, we are going to be adding a whole lot more lighting to Bridgetown, that will again come under that person or group of people,” stated the BCCI member.

The Bridgetown Development Committee today announced a new Friday Night Live initiative that is hoped to create one of the biggest events in the City this month. It is suppose to bring businesses together with entertainment, sporting and leisure activities using the Heroes Square/Chamberlain Bridge/Independence Square area as the centre. (LB)

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