'Read to succeed'

She is the guava princess.

Read, read, read to succeed is the message students at Eagle Hall Primary School have been hearing a lot this week.

From Monday, the children at the St. Michael school were engaged in activities geared towards showing them that not only was reading fun but it was important.

The school was divided into two groups with those in the Infants Department and the Special Unit looking at rhymes while the Juniors’ focus was on fables.

Each class had a mascot and each class then had the task of interpreting that character into comprehension passages, charts. Classes also looked at local fruits and children depicted as princes and princesses of different fruits including guava.

Today, a Readers’ Theatre was staged where each class depicted a different story.

Literacy Week will conclude on Monday with the students in the Special Unit telling the story of Cinderella and a parade of the mascots. (DS)

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