Moving to the beat

Don’t get tired, push those hands higher.

Move that body, shake that body, Zumba that body.

With the designation of World Food Day Tuesday, many schools and institutions hosted activities to celebrate the day. The Vauxhall Primary School in Vauxhall, Christ Church was no different, but with all the food consumed on that day they conceived a way to burn the many calories ingested – with their work out session.

In the morning there were displays of many local produce and the feasting on special delicious dishes of cou-cou and salt fish and grilled fish but students were quite aware that while it was cool to eat healthy, it was equally important to have a healthy body.

So after the food was settled it was time for exercise.

Though the rain came for a while, it did not dampen the spirits of the little ones, and their parents too, who were outfitted in appropriate gear and ready to flex their muscles.

Led by Michael Taitt, the little ones jumped, twirled and even rotated their bodies to the sweet soca music. Though some of the parents and teachers were not as brave as the children initially, when instructor Cheryl Forde began the Zumba session, they were soon trying “a thing” as sweat glistened from their foreheads. (KC)

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