Making a start

In life we are afforded many opportunities, which can either amount to great success or great failure. However, the outcome can never be calculated unless the individual initiates a step toward making a start.

If we could all fast forward our lives and have a sneak peak at the outcomes of our decisions this journey we’re along wouldn’t be called life. We have to take chances, make a lucky guess or even bluff our way through to make it. Many opportunities that we may be interested in often pass us by and we question ourselves and every other person and thing around us.

But what about the ones we actually do get? Is the previously mentioned activities done in reverse? Are all the thanks and praises awarded? Sometimes we do get the things we yearn for and become suddenly filled with the elation and excitement. However, very often shortly after it is just snatched right from underneath our feet.

The hurt and disappointment are beyond explanation and we can’t seem to understand the decision. But disappointment is a part of life and sometimes although it may seem as the worst possible thing, we will be just be fine. Whatever is meant to happen, will, and nothing and no one can interfere. With destiny, certain things in our life are like roots, some are there for the long haul while others are like leaves, they soon fall off. What we need to determine is: which is the root and which is the leaf.


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