Drifting off

With the attention span of a five year old, I drift off. My mind goes from focusing on all these different aspects of marketing a business through the use of social media, to anything else that comes to mind.

I find myself wondering what is on the menu for lunch, wondering if that fete this weekend will be any good, wondering whether to spend $135 on those pair of nude heels I want from that store in the mall. My thoughts go on and on. I just can’t seem to pay attention to what this tutor is saying.

“What is she going on about now?” I wonder for a while and try to zone back in to the lecture. However, five minutes later, that same ole lunch question is back and I begin to drift off again…

When it’s not one thing, it’s another. If I am not struggling to keep my heavy eyelids from closing, I am constantly drifting off into my own little world. I don’t know why, but it’s just sooo hard to pay attention in some classes. It is literally a struggle. I mean, some classes are just so intense and you have no choice but to pay attention, but others…

I’m still looking into some ways to pay attention, as soon as I find out what works and what doesn’t, you guys will be the first ones to know!


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