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st. mary’s gets new batch of prefects

The importance of responsible behaviour by prefects on and off the school compound was emphasised this morning by a senior police officer.

Superintendent Williams Yearwood told prefects attending an installation ceremony at the St. Mary’s Primary School that those who selected them for the important duty were expecting them to lead by example.

The former teacher of English, Mathematics and Scripture at the St. Lucy Secondary School before joining the Royal Barbados Police Force noted that when he checked the dictionary it made it clear that a prefect was “a senior pupil in school authorised to maintain discipline”.

Describing students selected for the duty as fortunate, Yearwood said:

“It suggests that the pupils here who have been chosen as prefects, are considered to be senior pupils and that they have been given the authority within school operations to maintain discipline…

“I would wish you to know that that authority is to assist the principal and teachers to maintain a high standard of discipline at your school. You will have the support of your principal and teachers so there is no need for you to be afraid of the challenge that is before you.”

The veteran lawman added: “I presume that you have been seen as having some potential… I believe that your deportment is seen to be good, and your discipline must be outstanding and comprehensive. However, I am suggesting that you must also seek to improve in your school work…, you must strive to be a model students… Each of you must be seen as a leader in your class and in your school.

“Therefore, you must follow your teachers and lead your other schoolmates… Each one of you must set yourself up as someone to be followed and you must lead by example. You must position yourselves so that those pupils in this school who have not been chosen as prefects and those who are junior to you will look up to you because of your example, both as a senior pupil and as a prefect.

“It also means that if there is no one following your example then you are not a good leader. If there are no students who wish to be prefects because of how they see you carry yourself and how they see you behave, and how you are regarded … then you would not be a good leader…

“As a prefect, you must see yourself as a responsible person and your good behaviour must go beyond school operations. You must learn better and behave better at school, on public transportation, at home and in your community. You must see that your peers and juniors behave better at school and beyond the school premises. You must obey the school rules and see that your peers do likewise.” (RRM)

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