I am astonished that in 2012, political scientists and media commentators can be watching a serious presidential debate and are concerned about who is the winner.

While that may have been good for the 1960s, and perhaps through to the 1990s, I suggest that the issues with which the world now grapples are too serious for us to be looking for a winner. That is high school stuff.

There will always be those who will do far better in a debate because of certain factors such as eloquence, etc. We need persons, not who can seize a moment in a debate, but who show a thorough comprehension of the issues and who have a plan that can be communicated to the people and be translated into action, bearing fruit.

We the electorate, the world over, and especially here in Barbados, must ensure that the governance of our nation states is not built around public relations and fluff. No wonder we are now bellyaching.

— Carlyle Best

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