Out for redress


by Emmanuel Joseph

Hundreds of students have been suspended from the Graydon Sealy Secondary School, formerly the Garrison Secondary, for apparently breaching the dress code.

The length of this uniform led to a suspension for being too short.

Unconfirmed reports put the number at 281 suspended for up to five days.

Police were called in today to ensure law and order were maintained as some angry parents went to the school to discuss the matter with Principal Matthew Farley.

When a team from Barbados TODAY visited the school this afternoon, the visibly upset parents bearing letters from Farley, said they had been informed their children’s uniforms were too short in the case of females or trousers were too baggy, with respect to the boys.

It is understood the required length of the dresses was at least two inches below the knees.

The suspensions, sources said, took effect yesterday and were initially intended to last five days. However, at least three of the more than half dozen families who either met with Farley or waited in his outer office to meet with him, said he had later reduced the five days to four.

They protested the suspension, arguing that there was nothing wrong with the uniforms.

In fact, the uniforms worn by the suspended students who waited with their parents to discuss the issue with the principal, could not be considered short or slack.

The lone male student seen, whose father said his son was sent home for wearing a baggy pants, showed the team from this newspaper the boy wearing what he said was the same trousers.

Some who observed the male students complained to Barbados TODAY that rather than being baggy, the pair of pants could reasonably be considered too tight.

“It is a waste of time coming up here because this man got he mind made up. He isn’t listening to we. My son missed class yesterday, today, and will miss tomorrow, and he tell we my son can come to school Thursday. But there is no school on Friday. What is the sense coming to school one day. It is a waste of my time. My son doesn’t want to stay home, he want to be in school,” declared Sheldon Gittens, who left the principal’s office infuriated after waiting for more than an hour.

The atmosphere inside the principal’s office was tense, as some parents openly expressed their anger about the decision to suspend their children. Reporters also indicated that some parents who openly threatened to harm the principal had to be calmed by others.

In fact, a number of parents spoke of one man who told them he waited quietly to meet Farley this afternoon with the intention of beating him, but had a change of heart.

A security guard stood vigil at the door of the principal’s office for much of the day while parents and their children queued outside or waited inside.

Some parents told this newspaper they had to take almost a day from work to accompany their children to the school to see Farley for “bare foolishness”.

When a representative from this newspaper went to see Farley this afternoon he said he would email “something” because he had to deal with parents who had been waiting since early this morning.

Up to the time of publication, that email had not been received and subsequent efforts to reach him were unsuccessful.


4 Responses to Out for redress

  1. Robin Hood October 17, 2012 at 2:07 am

    I think Farley has officially lost his marbles! Have you seen that dress? How much longer does HE require them to be?

  2. nikita October 17, 2012 at 4:15 am

    Nothing is wrong with the kids uniform he is just looking fa attention however what he shud be worry about is the education of the kids cus the great of the cxc ws nt tha great so all he is doin is gettin the children pset b4 he do the damn work it is a Waste of time n foolish attention bought to the school shame Ø? him suppose he send home the person n something wrong happen to dem what will he tell the parent that he send dem home fa a foolish uniform yes they mut wore the uniform a certain lenght but he carrying a joke to far with this

  3. Erskine Miller October 17, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    What is going on back there in Barbados. I can’t believe that one man have so much power. Where is the ministry of education and the prime minister. Is wearing short uniforms and baggy pants going to stop the children from learning. These people needs to get their priorties straingt. This is honestly a bunch of junk. What about all of the parents and students of the entire school protesting at the school and the ministry of education. And they are saying that bajans are smart. The principal’s main job should be to make sure that all of his students are learning (add, write and subtract). That should be his main objective. Just the other day here in the USA a principal sent home not suspend a student who says that she like Vagina and penis and there was a big uproar because the student was sent home. From what I can see that student uniform is way below her knees. I guess Mr. Farley is another Jeff Broomes.

  4. Really October 17, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    Firstly, these pictures are not of the uniforms that the students were sent home with but pictures of the students when they returned the following day with their parents. Secondly all students must follow school rules/regulations which in turn should be enforce.


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