No miracles

Everyone in Barbados is at a total loss as to when the next elections will be. Everyone besides who will be calling them that is. At least I would like to think that they do know when they will be calling elections. Preparation time is important so I trust they will be well prepared.

I have been steering a bit clear of the little jabs and jucks being thrown around lately and can’t help but wonder how nasty this coming election, whenever it is, will be. Not a boy will be spared, it seems. I’ve been hearing of the bombs certain people intend to drop on the opposite member and how history will be created and all the mumbo-jumbo. I actually would be disappointed and surprised if anything less happened.

I know I have brought up this topic times over, but it is a puzzle why the present Administration would drag out the whole thing much longer than necessary. The Opposition is trying to force the hand of the PM but he is not budging at all. No matter what is said there ain’t nothing moving the PM.

It will be called in his time and only then, so the Opposition Leader needs to hold on a bit longer. The PM is the boss and only when he sees the time as right will elections be called.

My question is a simple one: Will it make chances better or worse for the ruling party?

Prices continue to soar and the people are getting frustrated. We know it is an ongoing issue worldwide, so to me it matters not who is in power. There ain’t no magic spell to change things with the wave of a wand and the magic words. What little I have listened to from the Opposition seems to be one of “put us in and we will change the world for you” – sort of promise.

It will take a Herculean effort or even better, Jesus coming, to make things here any better in the next few years. Let us not fool ourselves here into believing there is a mortal political saviour among the batch we have out there. I have not met him or her as yet.

As long as the US continues to sneeze, we here will continue to be asthmatics as far as our economy is. Barack Obama is not as safe as we would like to hope and he knows it too. If the people don’t have confidence in you or patience is thin then only the Lord will be able to save you.

I am not going to call the election results as yet but when the bell is rung, I will have my predictions as usual. What I can say though is that the politicians need to be as close to the people at present than ever before. All I hear from people these days is the sentiment of “Archibull Cox”. Not a vote not an “X” or an “O”. If this is really how things are shaping then the next election will be a close one. All the scientific explanations and predictions may not be needed. We older folks know what a low voter turnout can bring. I hope complacency does not seep through and into the veins of either party.

The smoke screens out there really don’t move me one bit. Both sides saying how confident they are is nothing but a smoke screen hiding the true feelings they may have, but they cannot just come out and say it. For sure it would not be correct to do.

Whenever the results are read out and the next government takes office, whether incumbent or otherwise, the fact remains that there is a huge job ahead. I am not interested too much in the whole false promises made each times. Jobs, homes, lower food prices, more tourists, a sea in St. Thomas and St. George are all outplayed and most of them are still to come.

We need to see the plans that will keep things near as possible to stable and ride out of this depression-like state we are facing. No work for the idle means more theft and robberies. It also means loss of homes and possessions and the entire mental being falling apart. Aggression seeps in and every negative possibility is showing its face.

Politicians had better start now and mend the broken real fast. Some are too far gone and hope is nowhere near for them, unfortunately but at least go down with a good fight and not play dead. Any forum to better your chances and show you are for the masses is a sure way to start. Arrogance and complacency mixed with ignorance will not help your chances at all. We all await the date just like a lottery draw. No one knows for sure what number will call and when, so all we can do is wait and enjoy the early days of the coming “silly season”.

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