It was not BL&P

On October 1, 2012 you published an article headlined Big Bucks in which you quoted me as saying that “Up to now we have not been able to get the revenue stream coming in the way we had hoped because up to now we have not been able to get the Barbados Light & Power to install the meters so we are virtually giving away electricity”.

When I made that statement it was true, but it was not the Barbados Light & Power’s fault that the meters were not installed. The Barbados Light & Power has cooperated with us in every way possible but they cannot install meters unless they have Government Electrical Inspection Certificates.

After the completion of each installation it has to be inspected by Government Electrical Engineering Department, which then issues a certificate that we then send to the BL&P which then installs a meter. The time between completion of an installation that can produce up to $500 per day in electricity and the actual installation of a meter is now averaging about six weeks.

Being a person who is always trying to get things done quickly, especially when delays cost us a lot of money, I get frustrated by delays.

The truth is that BL&P and the GEED inspectors have been very helpful and cooperative and I apologise sincerely for saying that BL&P was holding up the installation of meters when they had not in fact received GEED certificates. It was entirely my fault for saying what I did to you.

— Ralph Bizzy Williams Chairman, Williams Industries Inc.

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