Gov't complying with child rights convention

Barbados is taking steps to ensure it complies with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which it is a signatory.

“The mandatory protocols under the Convention of the Rights of the Child are matters that are now occupying the attention of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Home Affairs to ensure that we put in place the necessary supporting legislation to ensure that we are complying with those mandatory protocols,”

Minister of Youth Stephen Lashley announced in the House of Assembly today.

He was speaking while leading debate on the National Youth Policy.

The minister said Government was also taking steps to ensure that, after being delinquent for some time, the island would send reports to the United Nations on the same convention, as mandated.

“There is a mandatory reporting on a regular basis to the United Nations under that convention, and I am pleased to say that after many years of delinquency, obviously not in relation to the years that we would have come to office, but we inherited a situation where we were behind in having those reports submitted and we have taken steps to be current in our submission of reports under the Convention for the Rights of the Child,” he said.

The official told the House of Assembly that this and “other work” was “about ensuring that Barbados is truly complying in relation to its international obligations”.

“You will find that both at the level of the Child Care Board and indeed at the level of the Youth Division within the ministry that there is a preoccupation to ensuring that we are not found to be in breach of those international obligations, which we have signed on to,” he stated. (SC)

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